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WTF Newsletter 8

13. Januar 2010

Content 1: Fee for accomodation and meals

The fee which has to be paid from participating federations for entry, lodging and meals during the World Championships could be reduced from 300 to 150 Euro per each participating person. This was possible by finding sponsors which will finance parts of your fees.

This concretely means that federations have to pay an amount of 150 Euro per each participating delegation member. This fee quarantees free lodging and meals (3 meals per day) during the whole World Championships. Further details and specifications according financial matters could be found at the official invitation, which will be sent to you till end of January.

Example: A federation sending a full delegation of 15 persons has to pay the total amount of 2.250 Euro (=15 x 150 Euro).

We permanently try to find more sponsors till end of July to reduce your remaining fee. In case we will find more sponsors to reduce further parts of your fees a potential reimbursement to you then will be repaid during the Championships on site in Koblenz.

Content 2: Pictures of Sport Hotel in Koblenz

Attached you find a pictures of your hotel, which will accomodate all participants during the 2nd World Championships. I personally checked rooms and food and I’m happy to report that this hotel provides pleasant and comfortable rooms and serves well tasting meals.

Content 3: Don’t forget to prepare necessary documents for your trip to Germany right in time. Those who need visas, should apply for it right in time.

Only 198 days left till we meet in Germany….

Kind regards,
Reinhard Plog
Secretary General
World Tenniquoits Federation

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