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Dear international friends of Tenniquoits,

Welcome to the official pages of the second Tenniquoits World Championships in Germany 2010!

Please note, that this is the only foreign page on the site, the main international contact address to find more information about this event is the WTF Homepage.

Yet, you may navigate on this site to enjoy the pictures or clips we are providing. We are also trying to be up to date on this page with information regarding the Tenniquoits World Championships in English. The most important things for you – if you want to participate in Koblenz at this famous event of the year – are:

  • Don’t forget to apply for a visa, if there’s a need for it
  • Don’t forget to announce your participation and to fulfil the WTF conditions for participation
  • Don’t forget to reserve your travel ticket in time

You may also consult our category WTF Newsletter for the latest news, or the English time schedule.

Latest English news about the Tenniquoits World Championship:

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Dear German Ringtennis players and friends

1. September 2010

Südafrikanischer Dankesbrief zur WM2010 kam gestern in Deutschland an:

30 August 2010

We have been back in South Africa for three weeks now and we have almost settled back into our normal routine…. or so I think! Returning from Germany (and this has been my 5th time) has always been one of the saddest and most difficult things to do and this time was no exception!

I would like to use this opportunity to say: Vielen, vielen Dank to many, many people: Mehr…

9 nations have registered for Koblenz!

29. Juni 2010

Welcome USA! – it’s North-America’s first-time ever participation in a tenniquoits WC. The American tenniquoits federation is going to send a delegation consisting of 9 members to Germany. Pakistan, that already took part four years ago, has also applied for Koblenz; the team’s participation, however, depends on their visas being granted. And Belarus has nominated some additional players.


Cultural and Social Events of the World Cup

16. Juni 2010

Apart from the three official WC competitions and the five unofficial demonstration competitions there will be four attractive cultural and social events where all participants can meet, chat and celebrate. As everybody involved – like players, delegation members, helpers or supporters – will be completely occupied with sports, keeping fingers crossed or organizing for a whole week, these common moments will be particularly treasured. Host Germany has a lot to offer and doesn’t have to hide its light under a bushel in comparison to colourful India at the WC 2006.


International feedback letters

27. Mai 2010

Syed Nuruzzaman, General secretary of Bangladesh Tenniquoits Federation:

Syed Nuruzzaman

Syed Nuruzzaman

“It gives me immense pleasure to learn that 2nd World Tenniquoits Championship 2010 is going to be held in Koblenz, Germany with effect from 31 July to 06 August 2010 under the auspices of German Tenniquoits Federation. I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to all those, whose efforts have helped in making this program possible. I would also like to extend my warm greetings to the participating teams, officials and the audiences.

This Championship will play the vital role in contributing not only to the mental and physical development of the youth, but also to the promotion of the friendship among the participating countries.

I wish that all the participants will do their very best to make the Championship a success.”

South African and German delegations have been nominated

28. April 2010

SA Delegation im offiziellen Gewand

Team Southafrica 2010

The first team to select their members were the ‘Proteas’ on 20th February. Team Coach Hein van der Lith (44) opted for six newcomers to form the South African national team, among them the 16-year-old new single champion Lenize Potgieter. The two team captains Heleen Potgieter and Bertus le Roux as well as three other players took part in the 1st World Cup in India. As part of their preparation for the upcoming 2nd Wold Cup, Team South Africa have even announced their own physiotherapist.


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