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In regelmäßigen Abständen werden die internationalen Verantwortlichen über den Stand der Vorbereitungen in Deutschland vom Ringtennis Weltverband WTF (World Tenniquoits Federation) informiert. Um auch den deutschen Ringtennis-Interessenten diese Informationen nicht vorzuenthalten, werden diese Newsletters hier wiedergegeben.

Bitte um Verständnis, wenn diese Informationen 
nur in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung stehen.
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WTF Newsletter 9

4. März 2010

Content 1: The first participating nation of the 2nd World Championships has selected its players and officials for Germany 2010. South Africa’s head coach Hein van Lith decided after their national double championships which players should represent South African colours in Germany. Congratulation to all participants of South Africa from side of the WTF. I’m sure the South African team will give a great challenge to all other participating nations.


WTF Newsletter 8

13. Januar 2010

Content 1: Fee for accomodation and meals

The fee which has to be paid from participating federations for entry, lodging and meals during the World Championships could be reduced from 300 to 150 Euro per each participating person. This was possible by finding sponsors which will finance parts of your fees.


WTF Newsletter 7

15. Dezember 2009

Content 1: The 2nd Basic Preparation Meeting for the World Championships 2010 will take place at the 10th of January 2010 in Koblenz. Several issues of interest will be discussed by experts of the German Tenniquoits Division and the Secretary General of the WTF. Mehr…

WTF Newsletter 6

2. November 2009

Content 1: The basic time-schedule has been determined recently at the World Championships-Preparing Meeting. The World Championship will start on Saturday (July, 31) at 11.00 am with the Opening ceremony. Mehr…

WTF Newsletter 5

8. Oktober 2009

Content 1: USA confirmed its participation at the second World Championships. Michael Abiodun stated towards the WTF that he wants to come with a full American team and a lot of supporters. Including the US-team now 6 members already gave their confirmation to start with a full delegation: India, South Africa, Poland, Pakistan, USA and Germany will participate at the team competition. Mehr…

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