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Dear international friends of Tenniquoits,

Welcome to the official pages of the second Tenniquoits World Championships in Germany 2010!

Please note, that this is the only foreign page on the site, the main international contact address to find more information about this event is the WTF Homepage.

Yet, you may navigate on this site to enjoy the pictures or clips we are providing. We are also trying to be up to date on this page with information regarding the Tenniquoits World Championships in English. The most important things for you – if you want to participate in Koblenz at this famous event of the year – are:

  • Don’t forget to apply for a visa, if there’s a need for it
  • Don’t forget to announce your participation and to fulfil the WTF conditions for participation
  • Don’t forget to reserve your travel ticket in time

You may also consult our category WTF Newsletter for the latest news, or the English time schedule.

Latest English news about the Tenniquoits World Championship:

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International feedback letters

31. März 2010

Marilu Pekelman, WTF Vice President for Brasil

“Dear international players of Tenniquoits

Brazil is once again very excited to be participating in their second Tenniquoits World Championships in Germany 2010. We are very grateful and appreciative for the Germans’ organisation and intense preparations to make this championship a very successful event. We would also like to thank Reinhard Plog for his continuous efforts in making Tenniquoits a worldwide successful sport. We look forward to meeting our fellow international players for what we’re sure will be a great sporting event. We wish good luck to all other countries and we look forward to what we’re sure, will be very exciting matches!
All the best from the Brazilian Delegation, Marilu Pekelman“


Impressive World Championships gymnasium meets highest sporting standards

20. März 2010

The ‘Sporthalle Oberwerth’ was examined carefully by the national team and their coach at the 40th German Team Championships in Koblenz on March 20th. Drive- and stairway to the gymnasium, which is situated on a hill, as well as the first view of the spacious foyer are very impressive. The parquet flooring with clear white court lines, a high ceiling and easily convertible grandstands for participants and spectators meet highest sporting WC-standards and add to a comfortable atmosphere. Thus the general conditions for very good sports at the second tenniqoits-WC are excellent. Have a look at a regional TVM-broadcast covering the German team championships with ‘live’ impressions of the ‘Sporthalle Oberwerth’.


Do you know the national anthem of Belarus?

24. Februar 2010

The national anthems of South Africa, India and more recently of Poland have often been played at Tenniquoits competitions in Germany. But what do the national anthems of Belarus or Argentina sound like? What colours do you find in the Brazilian flag or where on earth is Nepal? Look for the answers and listen to the first bars with a full orchestra sound here. In Koblenz, “Nkosi Sikelel’i Africa”, “Jana Gana Mana”, “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego” as well as the other national anthems will of course be played completely.

Two teasers spark interest in World Champs

10. Februar 2010

In “Faszination Ringtennis” you can see Ringtennis action and emotional highlights of international tenniquoits events from 1976, 2004 and 2006. “Indien – ein Herbstmärchen / India – an autumn’s tale” shows all the fantastic experiences of the 1st World Cup in India 2006 in review.

Switch to full screen, sit back and enjoy!

1st-class WC accommodation in Koblenz

12. Januar 2010

Participants of the annual general meeting from 8 German Ringtennis provinces became acquainted with the WC accommodation at the beginning of January. Players and members of the delegations will feel at home in the renovated ‘Sportschule Oberwerth’.


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