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WTF Newsletter 14

18. Juli 2010

Dear Participants of the Tenniquoits World-Championships 2010, dear friends of international Tenniquoits,

today you receive the last newsletter !!!

Content 1: One day before the opening of the World Cup 2010 we will meet for a preparing WTF Meeting at Friday, the 30th of July, 8 pm in Sporthostel Oberwerth, Koblenz. Please find agenda for this meeting attached.

WTF Newsletter 11

3. Mai 2010

Content 1: The South African and the German Team already announced their delegations. Of course they will send full teams for their participation at the 2nd World Championships 2010. You could find the names of players and delegation members at their specific homepages. The South African Team already arrives one week before the opening of the World Championships. They will visit the German locations Oer-Erkenschwick, Recklinghausen and Neuwied in order to test against teams from German provinces Westfalia and Middle Rhineland before they transfer to Koblenz. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the USA are currently busy with selecting their delegation members. Viviane Pekelman confirmed that Brazil is busy with preparing their trip to Germany in detail now.


WTF Newsletter 10

10. April 2010

Content 1: The General Meeting of the World Tenniquoits Federation will be held during the 2nd World Championships 2010. Each delegation is authorized to sent two members for attending this meeting. Moreover founders of the WTF are allowed to attend the meeting as well. Please request at your national Technical Committees for proposals to change rules and sent proposals right in time to the General Secretary. We only can develop our sport, if each member is willed to improve our rules towards a more spectacular sport. Exact time and date of the General Meeting will be submitted to you in one of the next newsletters.


WTF Newsletter 9

4. März 2010

Content 1: The first participating nation of the 2nd World Championships has selected its players and officials for Germany 2010. South Africa’s head coach Hein van Lith decided after their national double championships which players should represent South African colours in Germany. Congratulation to all participants of South Africa from side of the WTF. I’m sure the South African team will give a great challenge to all other participating nations.


WTF Newsletter 8

13. Januar 2010

Content 1: Fee for accomodation and meals

The fee which has to be paid from participating federations for entry, lodging and meals during the World Championships could be reduced from 300 to 150 Euro per each participating person. This was possible by finding sponsors which will finance parts of your fees.


WTF Newsletter 7

15. Dezember 2009

Content 1: The 2nd Basic Preparation Meeting for the World Championships 2010 will take place at the 10th of January 2010 in Koblenz. Several issues of interest will be discussed by experts of the German Tenniquoits Division and the Secretary General of the WTF. Mehr…

WTF Newsletter 2

14. Oktober 2008

Content 1: Big events will have a long time of preparation. In about 2 years the 2nd World Championships will take place 2010 in Germany. For that all members of the WTF are called up to start their national preparations right in time to make this event a real international glamorous and unique festival. Mehr…