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WTF Newsletter 11

3. Mai 2010

Content 1: The South African and the German Team already announced their delegations. Of course they will send full teams for their participation at the 2nd World Championships 2010. You could find the names of players and delegation members at their specific homepages. The South African Team already arrives one week before the opening of the World Championships. They will visit the German locations Oer-Erkenschwick, Recklinghausen and Neuwied in order to test against teams from German provinces Westfalia and Middle Rhineland before they transfer to Koblenz. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the USA are currently busy with selecting their delegation members. Viviane Pekelman confirmed that Brazil is busy with preparing their trip to Germany in detail now.

Content 2: The General Meeting of the World Tenniquoits Federation will meet at Thursday, the 5th of August at the Sporthalle Oberwerth Arena in Koblenz during the World Championships.
Each National Committee is called to bring proposals according rule changes or others to the Secretary General right in time. Only with this it will be possible to create a proper agenda for this meeting. The following proposals have already been placed at the bureau of the WTF: 1. Changing Matches from Time- to Set-System, 2. Implementation of European and Asian Championships, 3. Determination of a concrete procedure to become member of the GAISF(Sportaccord) and World Games Organisation. We must come steps forward to make our sport much more interesting for people and media. This has priority in future. The success of Tenniquoits is lying in our hands, we have to get more active and think about helpful methods to reach a higher degree of popularity for our sport.

Content 3: Another point of discussion at the World Championships will be the unification of the World Tenniquoits Federation with the International Ringo Federation. The advantage to unify both federations is, that we nearly could double our member federations. You must know that we need 40 member federations to be accepted at the GAISF and World Games Organisation. We can profit from working together and establish Ringo and Tenniquoits as two disciplines within one international body. This new unified international body could be named World Netring Association for example. We have more potential. Let us do the best for the sports with a ring…

Content 4: Attached you find a picture of the Word Championships medal, which you will fight for in Koblenz. Hope that will give you a great taste and impetus for the coming weeks of preparation.

Content 5: Don’t forget to prepare necessary documents for your trip to Germany right in time. Those who need visas, should apply for it right in time.

Only 91 days left till we meet in Germany….

Kind regards,

Reinhard Plog
Secretary General
World Tenniquoits Federation

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