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WTF Newsletter 10

10. April 2010

Content 1: The General Meeting of the World Tenniquoits Federation will be held during the 2nd World Championships 2010. Each delegation is authorized to sent two members for attending this meeting. Moreover founders of the WTF are allowed to attend the meeting as well. Please request at your national Technical Committees for proposals to change rules and sent proposals right in time to the General Secretary. We only can develop our sport, if each member is willed to improve our rules towards a more spectacular sport. Exact time and date of the General Meeting will be submitted to you in one of the next newsletters.

Content 2: Players of the Polish Ringo Society and the Belarus Ringo Federation will show us how to play Ringo at the 2nd World Championships in Koblenz. Ringo is played on a bigger court with a higher net and two rings in doubles and mixed. The General Secretary of the WTF reestablished contact to our Polish friends in the year 2006 and implemented a yearly competition between Poland and Germany, the so called „Challenge Cup Ringo meets Ringtennis“ has been conducted three times already. This year the Polish squad and the Belarus team want to participate with a full team at the Tenniquoits World Championships in Germany. Another proof for a great and heartly alliance between the similar sports Ringo and Ringtennis.

Content 3: Those who want to stay a bit longer in Germany must know that the area around Koblenz is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Please study attached document, which shows some highlights of this area and Germany.

Content 4: The arena in Koblenz (Sporthalle Oberwerth) has been successfully tested in month March. A big Tenniquoits event with 400 participants showed that this arena is a great venue for hosting the 2nd World Championships. We all are looking forward to welcome you at this great place in order to to give you an unforgettable impression in the name of the sport Tenniquoits.

Content 5: Don’t forget to prepare necessary documents for your trip to Germany right in time. Those who need visas, should apply for it right in time.

Only 111 days left till we meet in Germany….

Kind regards,

Reinhard Plog
Secretary General
World Tenniquoits Federation

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