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Cultural and Social Events of the World Cup

16. Juni 2010

Apart from the three official WC competitions and the five unofficial demonstration competitions there will be four attractive cultural and social events where all participants can meet, chat and celebrate. As everybody involved – like players, delegation members, helpers or supporters – will be completely occupied with sports, keeping fingers crossed or organizing for a whole week, these common moments will be particularly treasured. Host Germany has a lot to offer and doesn’t have to hide its light under a bushel in comparison to colourful India at the WC 2006.

The WC week will begin with the official Opening Ceremony on July 31st at 11am in the ‘Sporthalle Oberwerth’.

After four exciting WC days players and helpers will meet for the Players’ Night on August 3rd to party at the discotheque ‘S28’ from 9 pm onwards.

The Leisure Day on August 4th will be spent with a beautiful boat trip on the River Rhine and a tour of the medieval castle ‘Marksburg’, followed by a sponsor’s dinner.

The Final Banquet will worthily round off the 2nd Ringtennis WC with official speeches and a big barbecue in the garden of ‘TV Mittelrhein’ on August 6th.

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