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WTF Newsletter 1

25. September 2008

Dear Participants of the Tenniquoits World-Championships 2010, dear friends of international Tenniquoits,

From today on I will send you helpful information and details concerning the WTF Tenniquoits World-Championships 2010 in standardised form from time to time. This should help to have all members at the same level of knowledge concerning the preparations for this historical event. All messages will have the same header (World-Champs 2010 Tenniquoits Newsletter) and are numbered serially (1,2,3…).

    Newsletter No. 1

Content 1: The German Ringtennis Division fixed the location and date for the 2nd World-Championships Tenniquoits 2010. The 2nd World-Championships will happen from 31st of July till 6th of August 2010 in Koblenz – Germany. Koblenz is a town in the middle of Germany, located at the pleasant Rhine-River, one of the biggest and longest river in Europe. Vineyards and small hills are typical for the landscape surrounding Koblenz. It will be a great deal, if all of you will partitipate at this great event in familiar international athmosphere.

Content 2: Attached you will find a first welcome and a foto of the beautiful sigth of Koblenz, host-town of the 2nd World Champs Tenniquoits 2010 Germany.

Only 675 days left till we meet in Germany….

Kind regards,
Reinhard Plog
Secretary General
World Tenniquoits Federation

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